Korint medical recruitment

About Korint Medical Recruitment


Korint is there to ensure that the right healthcare professional will be linked to the right (inter) national institution.


Due to the globalization and growing healthcare sector, there are plenty of opportunities to grow our company, where there is a lot of “know-how”, into the strongest (inter) national party in the field of care. By being innovative, ensuring professional top screening and strong stable customers, there is a strong mix.

Our history

Korint Medical Recruitment is a growing part of Koraal Professionals Medical Recruitment. Korint MR was established to serve the international healthcare market in a better way.
So Korint has the focus on the international healthcare market and Koraal focuses on the Dutch healthcare market. The international market offers many opportunities for healthcare professionals. Korint connects medical staff and hospitals/healthcare institutions within various countries. Our focus is on the perfect match on the basis of your wishes. Our company is set for medical staff and hospitals. 

Working abroad?


A unique experience

Are you an adventurous, independent person and don’t you run away from a challenge? We offer you a unique experience to work abroad.


Meeting new people

Korint has an extensive network and partnerships with healthcare institutions around the world.


Different culture and healthcare

Whether you like to be in the mountains in Switzerland or enjoy the sunset in Aruba. Korint Medical Recruitment takes you to the most beautiful destinations.

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