Do you have a heart for health care?

Ready to make that career switch to that great care job? Then we now have a top education for you!

Have you just come from high school? Or are you not completely at home with your current job / education? And do you think a job in healthcare is something for you? Then at Koraal + we have different options for you! Healthcare shortages are very large at the moment and will only continue to grow in the coming period.


Career Switch

Do you have a heart for healthcare? Then this is definitely for you!

Job security

We guarantee you job security and a personal career plan.

Learn / jobtrajectory

It is possible to follow an apprenticeship trajectory at a care institution.


Experience is not a requirement

New to healthcare? This is not a problem, we offer various options / levels.

Our clients offer job security and often have long-term employment contracts. In this way you can further develop yourself as a person and as an employee. Interested in the apprenticeship trajectory or interested in direct vacancies? Then sign up or contact our recruiter directly. 

Do you want to receive more information?


Our colleague Josephine is happy to talk to you about your Coral + possibilities.

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