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Information gathering about working in Switzerland

Information gathering about working in Switzerland The 2nd "working in Switzerland" information meeting of 2019 was a success! In collaboration with Fygo and the healthcare professionals present, we made it a beautiful evening. With our expertise we have answered all...

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How do you distinguish your resume? 5 tips!

Before you are invited for a job interview, you often have to prepare a CV. Creating a resume is not difficult, but distinguishing yourself from the rest can be a difficult issue. Remember that there are often multiple candidates applying for a position. How do you...

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How did the information evening about Switzerland go?

We look back on a pleasant and informal information about working in Switzerland. The good attendance and participation interest exceeded all our expectations. Full use has been made of the opportunity to ask questions. We were therefore able to answer all these...

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A Nurse as your valentine? Sure thing!

Surely you are not alone on Valentine's Day? Well, nurses are the best partners that exist. Read here why you are / become the best partner! Always personal help around "Honey, do you think this is serious? Could you have a look here?" Very useful: someone who can...

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