Surely you are not alone on Valentine’s Day? Well, nurses are the best partners that exist. Read here why you are / become the best partner!




Always personal help around

“Honey, do you think this is serious? Could you have a look here?” Very useful: someone who can help you anywhere. 99 of the 100 times you do not worry about anything. Recognition from a professional is really nice, and it’s completely free.

Nurses have a caring personality

Caring for another is in the nature of the creature. The care of a nurse is always highly prioritized in a relationship. Who would not want to be pampered by his or her partner?

They are used to it

You do not have to be ashamed. Nurses already seen all types and sizes of bodies. They are not surprised anymore. They are only too aware of human imperfections. This gives confidence and self-assurance to many people in a relationship.





A flexible relationship

If you go on a date with a nurse then you know one thing for sure; it will not be a rut. You will not be watching sex and the city every Monday evening. A nurse has a flexible clock. Irregular working days create a certain dynamic in your relationship.

She keeps you alive

Reanimation, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the heimlich grip, you name it, the nurse can do it all. Maybe at one time need: he / she keeps you alive.

World trips

Have you got a traveling nurse on the hook? No problem. There are also enough international languages ​​available in this field. Many nurses with this ambition work for a period abroad. (TIP: Look here for international vacancies for nurses)

A uniform is sexy

Naturally, a nurse uniform is not the sexiest uniform, but still, it’s a uniform. And that remains sexy.

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