Why should you be living and working in the Netherlands?

If you are not Dutch or only have been to Amsterdam, you’ll probably think the only thing to do there is going to Amsterdam. However, the Netherlands has a number of beautiful historic cities. Of course there are world-famous places such as Amsterdam, Delft and Leiden. But also the less well-known places such as Groningen, Den Bosch and Maastricht are really beautiful. Also the Netherlands has a large number of hidden treasures. Places like Elburg, Kampen, Deventer and Zutphen are all gems and many of you probably have never been there. So if you are living and working in the Netherlands, there is enough for you to explore. 

But of course there are several more benefits that come with living and working in the Netherlands.


Your Dutch will improve along the way. But don’t worry, everyone speaks English in the Netherlands.

Warm welcome

It is easy to adjust to their culture, because it’s so multicultural.

Patients are number one

The patient is always the most important.

The healthcare system

One of the best healthcare systems in the world.

Central in Europe

Central country in Europe.

Outdoor life

The country has an extensive network of cycle paths. You can basicly take your bike anywhere.

Also with us you are the centre of attention and we will look together with you what suits you. We have a variety of clients: private clinics, general hospitals and teaching hospitals. If you work with us your wish our commend. Together with Korint, you create a career plan so that you can continue to develop and grow in different ways.

Well, are you already persuaded by all these benefits that come with living and working in the Netherlands? Luckily for you we have several vacancies in the Netherlands for you. For example we are looking for Emergency and Intesive Care nurses to come work in Amsterdam!

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